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pastor-Ada-243x300Ada Omon is the Publisher of The Aspiring Lady Magazine and the CEO of Aspiring Ladies Concept, a corporate organisation that specializes in Ladies Enrichment and provides a platform for grooming, mentoring, developing, and empowering up-and-coming as well as up-going ‘Ladies of purpose’. She is also the President of Complete Woman International Ministries – a ministry geared towards resolving the conflicts of womanhood. She conducts Complete Woman Seminars, which teaches, mentors and counsels women to live purpose driven lives in their homes and families. She also anchors the Complete Woman telecast. And together with her husband Bishop Emma Omon, she co-hosts “WISE TALK”, a popular weekly television talk show aimed at resolving the conflicts of relationships, marriage and family life.

She is an international conference speaker and Author of several life transforming books among which is the popular “TRIUMPH THROUGH SUBMISSION”.

A graduate of Agricultural Economics from the University of Benin, Ada Omon serves as co-pastor with her husband at The Radiant Church in Lagos, Nigeria. For more on Pastor Ada Omon please visit:


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  1. May the good Lord increase you more and more.

    Revd. Femi Ige DaSilva

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