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Bishop Emma Omon is a Revivalist with an Apostolic and Prophetic Teaching Ministry. A Civil Engineer turned preacher, he is the President of Emma Omon Global Outreach Inc., an Apostolic ministry dedicated to Liberating and Empowering people of all nations with the power of the Gospel of Christ. He is also the Founder and Presiding Bishop of The Radiant Church International.
Although he presides over a thriving church, Bishop Emma Omon is primarily an Apostle to the nations and a servant to the body of Christ and he has remarkable grace for Supernatural Ministry. His work in world evangelism spans over two decades covering the major continents of the world. His passion is to win millions of souls to Christ, make disciples, and raise servant leaders in every nation where God sends him. He works in collaboration with networking churches and ministries to conduct “HEALING CRUSADE” and “TRANSFORMATION EXPERIENCE” in different cities and nations around the world.
Bishop Emma Omon is a member of Nigerian Apostolic Coalition (NAC); and the International Moderator of APOSTOLIC AND PROPHETIC NETWORK (APRONET), an Association of Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Evangelists, Teachers of God’s word, and Church Leaders; which provides a platform for mentorship, fellowship and networking among affiliate ministers, ministries and churches.
A gifted Communicator, Bishop Emma Omon is an Inspirational Coach, Author, and Publisher. He is the founder of THE STRATEGY HOUSE, a corporate group engaged in Professional Life and Business Coaching, Communication, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship Development.

He is the host of Fresh Impact telecast, and together with his wife Pastor Ada Omon, he co-hosts Wise Talk, a popular weekly television talk show which focuses on resolving the conflicts of relationships, marriage and family life. He conducts Singles Summit tagged “Congratulations! You’ll Soon Be Getting Married”, a platform for educating, preparing and empowering singles hoping for marriage. He has published many life-transforming books including, “Overcoming Witchcraft And The Spirit Of Divination”, “The Cost Of Christian Leadership”,The Power of Association”, “Enjoying Abundance in these hardtimes”, and “Congratulations! You’ll Soon Be Getting Married”.


19 Responses to this post

  1. Please True Man of God I have watched your short preaching video about false prophet indeed your truly man of God. Please I am in troubble and I need your prayer support and if I have sinned God may forgive me. I am a man 34 years unmarried and I am sick with two deadly diseases. Hepatitis B and serious stomach ulcer. I need your prayer support. James 5:14-19 and matt.8:8-11

    James Attah Kyeremeh
    1. Please bishop Emma, I want you to pray for house hold, my husband has been acting strange for the past two years, he’s not taking care of his kids or me, he just doesn’t care anymore, even d way he talked like he’s by him self, I know I’m a sinner and I want God to forgive me

      Uma Sesay
    2. Glad hearing from you James! I pray healing over your entire body! Be healed in the name of Jesus!

      Bishop Emma Omon
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